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Digital Audio





822-110 The advanced server solution for high quality low bit rate
video and audio broadcast system(up to 5000 users ).

522-110 The advanced server solution for high quality low bit rate
video and audio broadcast system(up to 2000 users ).

Technical specs:
2.4GHz, 6MB Cache, 4GB Mem, 36GB HD, IA-64, 2P/2U, C6, Linux
AS 2.1 64-bit for PE3250 w/3 Yr Red Hat Network Subscription. Intel Pro/1000
MT Server Adapter-5.
Watchguard Firebox 1000 Firewall and VPN.
Osprey-500 DV Pro
Professional digital streaming capture card with SDI, AES/EBU, DV and analog inputs
The Osprey-500 DV Pro provides SDI inputs as well as DV input like the
Osprey-500 DV. It also includes digital audio as well as unbalanced and
balanced analog audio.  Its audio and video inputs include:
a.. External AES/EBU audio
b.. Unbalanced and Balanced Audio
c.. Consumer SP/DIF
d.. DV
e.. SDI Video (SMPTE-259M)
f.. Real-time scan and capture.
g.. The RT.X100 has TurboDV which delivers very-fast DV output rendering
when you exceed the real-time capabilities of the card.
h.. The RT.X100 offers a huge selection of real-time, fully customizable 3D effects.
i.. The RT.X100 delivers advanced real-time chroma & luma-keying. It offers spill
suppression, shadow preservation + an "Auto" button that makes
chroma-keying easy.
j.. The RT.X100 delivers advanced color correction with an "Auto" button that
simplifies the process. It also supports a Final Cut Pro-like three-way
color correction no other PC-based product offers.
k.. The RT.X100 has what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) support for
some third-party products.
l.. The RT.X100 offers real-time support for a variety of character generation
 tools including Premiere Titling, Title Express, Title Motion,
Title Deko and more.
m.. The RT.X100 accelerates batch exporting in a variety of standard formats
including Real and Windows Media formats.
n.. There is no 4GB file limit for files captured with the RT.X100

 722-110 Digital Audio Server, transmits multiple channels of llive audio, and audio-on-demand files, over IP networks. It can receive up to two live analog or SDI signals, encode them in real-time to MPEG-3 or MPEG-4 and then stream them over an IP network in multicast or unicast mode. With the NetCom Digital Audio Server, organizations can utilize their IP networks for business radio, training, and corporate communications. This equipment also offers an ideal, scalable solution for radio broadcasters streaming to large audiences.


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