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gives your business communications a winning edge. Color documents, presentations, and graphics convey information faster. They have more impact and are more persuasive, helping you stand out from your competition. But in the past color laser printers have been perceived as not only slow, complicated and unreliable, but prohibitively expensive. Until now. Until the Canon C LBP 460PS.


Canon...Leading The Field In COLOR Laser Technology


The C LBP 460PS brings easy-to-use, Canon color quality laser printing to your workgroup. Canon engineering ensures highly reliable and trouble free operation -- its print engines are second to none, and the C LBP 460PS features the latest design. That means laser-sharp color from a system that is virtually maintenance free.

The C LBP 460PS supports genuine Adobe PostScript Level 3 and PCL 5C and is Ethernet-ready, all right out of the box. Plus it offers flexible paper-handling and print options, including fully automatic duplex printing.

All this makes the C LBP 460PS a wise investment, bringing high quality, reliable color to your workgroup. It is surprisingly affordable, and will quickly pay for itself in convenience, ease of use... and in new business enabled by high-impact Canon color in your documents.


Color made easy

To give

your documents maximum impact, you need color of the highest quality. The Canon C LBP 460PS leverages the latest advancements in Canon laser color technology and EFI's Fiery controller to produce brilliant, continuous-tone color at 600x600 dots per inch. And, for the first time in color laser printers, Canon's proprietary Color Automatic Image Refinement further ensures crisp color resolution.

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The C LBP 460PS and its EFI controller were designed for novices and experienced color users alike. It features EFI's ColorWise technology, a revolutionary intelligent color system that produces precise, consistent color from all applications, platforms and file formats.

Less experienced users will find that the C LBP 460PS produces great color using the default settings. Experienced color users will appreciate the additional control and flexibility from a suite of color management utilities: including Apple's industry standard ColorSync, the Windows based ICM Profile, as well as Canon's own ColorGear Profile. These utilities are complemented by a new PANTONE color referencing system and VisualCal -- a platform independent calibration system. Working alone or in unison they establish the new workgroup standard of desktop color precision and consistency.

Whether you're printing multipage color proposals, documents and presentations, or graphic layouts, you need them quickly. the Canon C LBP 460PS prints 4 full color pages per minute, 16 ppm monochrome. And the standard STARR Compression technology ensures optimal resource allocation -- meaning that your print jobs will be completed with minimal memory requirements.

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The C LBP 460PS features an optional hard disk to maximize user productivity. This allows frequently printed jobs and a variety of fonts to be stored locally at the printer. You can spool entire jobs via your network or via the Web using the Fiery Web Spooler and also access new features such as Check and Print. This enables you to review the first copy of a multiple copy job before completing the run. Such features boost print speed, minimize network traffic and free up users' workstations for other tasks.


Flexible Paper Handling


A workgroup

duplexingunit.gif (6111 bytes) printer must offer flexible paper-handling to meet the needs of everyone who will share it. The Canon C LBP 460PS features generous paper capacity -- 850 pages, delivered face-up or face-down. And for automatic color printing on both sides of the paper, Canon offers an optional auto duplexing unit.


Media Flexibility

The C LBP 460PS innovative design includes a straight paper path. This allows for greater media flexibility, in both finish and weight, including heavier paper ( 36 lb.), labels, envelopes, and overhead transparencies.

mediaflexibility.gif (7519 bytes)

paperbins.gif (14716 bytes) Flexibility also extends to paper sizes. The standard cassette and optional 500-sheet Paper Feeder handle letter, executive and legal size paper. The MP tray handles these as well as transparencies, labels and envelopes, plus non-standard paper of any size from 3"x5" index cards to 8-1/2"x14" legal.


New Generation LASER Technology


simpletonercartridges.gif (5338 bytes) C LBP 460PS features a new generation of Canon's color laser print technology that produces highly efficient, compact and cost-effective printers. Innovation extends even to the new oil-less toner. These spherical toner particles contain a microscopic bead of wax which disperses color at ht instant toner is fused to the paper... which means color output that is smoother, brighter and glossless. And the color mechanism is cartridge-based so the toners, which are encased in sealed cartridges, are simple to snap in and out -- no messy pouring and spilling, or need for a service technician's help.
This convenient, cartridge-based design continues with the photosensitive imaging drum, an in the compact intermediate transfer belt, where the colors are transferred to the paper in a single pass. cartridgebasedrum.gif (6344 bytes)

Such superior engineering also contributes to the C LBP 460PS' compact footprint and ergonomically sound design. All printer functions, components, and maintenance are at your fingertips. An intuitive graphical user interface in the shape of the printer makes all functions easily accessible from the LCD Control Panel, while activity lights monitor printer status.

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Such excellent engineering ensures that the C LBP 460PS will be easy to use and virtually maintenance free. But if support is needed, Canon offers free phone support, as well as Canon CarePAK extended serviced and support at reasonable prices. This guarantees that skilled technicians will be on call whenever you need them.


Network Ready

Canon Color Quality

A workgroup

printer is meant to be shared, but today's varied network environment often presents a connectivity challenge. The Canon C LBP 460PS was designed from the ground up for network connectivity.

Built-in Ethernet and optional Token Ring boards make networking a snap. And the C LBP 460PS offers cross-platform support for most any combination of workgroup users. Working with Adobe PostScript Level 3 or PCL 5C, users can print from a variety of client systems, including Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT 4.0, and Mac OS. And the unit supports all leading network protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk with a high-performance interface.

The C LBP 460PS also offers pinpoint printer control for network administrators. Canon's NetSpot remote administration software allows printer set-up, configuration, and management in a client-server environment. With Fiery WebTools, Internet or intranet users can use a browser to view printer status, change settings, and manipulate print jobs, wherever they sit on the corporate network. The optional hard disk allows frequently printed jobs and fonts to be stored locally at the printer, lessening network traffic.

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From the LAN

to the WEB


Network Environments

Ethernet (RJ-45/AUI) & Token Ring (RJ-45/DB9)



NOS Specifications


Novell NetWare 3.X PServer/RPrinter (Bindery)
Novell NetWare 4.X PServer/NPrinter (Bindery, NDS)


UNIX Operation System: Solaris 2.3, 2.4, 2.5.1
Windows95, Windows NT LPD (Line Printer Daemon)


Macintosh 7.0 (or higher) EtherTalk Phase2 AppleTalk Print System

NetBIOS over IP

Windows NT v3.51 or 4.0 Microsoft Print System





Windows 95,

Windows NT,

Macintosh 7.5.1

(or higher)

Solaris 2.5

(or higher)





Internet Ready


even more networking flexibility, the C LBP 460PS is Internet-enabled. Whether connecting from the company intranet or across the internet, your browser can access the printer using pre-installed Fiery WebTools. These let authorized users view printer functions, change settings and manipulate print jobs, wherever they sit on the corporate network.

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the beauty of the Canon C LBP 460PS. Canon color quality in a printer that's functional, easy to use, reliable, and network ready for your workgroup. All at a price that's surprisingly affordable.

Isn't it time you improved your image by leveraging Canon color in your business communications? There's no better way than the Canon C LBP 460PS.


Canon C LBP 460PS color laser printer promotes universal access and boosts productivity in workgroup environments. Fully network ready, it supports all popular protocols and operating languages and delivers outstanding Canon color quality quickly and affordably.

Canon C LBP 460PS Specifications

Color Quality...Continuous-tone, 256-level grayscale/color output Color Rendering Dictionary Photographic, Presentation, Transparency
Image Enhancement...Color Automatic Image Refinement
Print Speed
   Full Color...4 ppm
   Monochrome...16 ppm
   Transparencies...1.9 ppm monochrome, 1.4 ppm full color*
Performance Enhancement
...RIP-While-Print processes new pages while current ones are printing
...Continuous Print allows unique pages to print without pause
...Black Detection boosts print speed for black-only pages
Processor...MIPS R4300 133MHz RISC
   Optional...Expandable to 192MB
Printer Languages...Adobe PostScript 3 and PCL 5C emulation
Printer Drivers
   PCL Drivers...Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0
   PostScript Drivers...Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Macintosh
Resident Fonts
...136 Adobe PostScript 3 fonts
...35 Intellifonts
...10 TrueType fonts
...1 Bitmap font
Paper Handling
   Standard Input
...250-sheet Paper Cassette (Paper Size: Letter, Legal, A4, A5, Executive Paper Weight: 16-28 lb.)
...100-sheet Multipurpose Tray (Custom size: (3"x5" to 8-1/2"x14"), including plain paper, transparencies, labels and envelopes Paper Weight: 16-36 lb.)
   Optional Input
...500 sheets in Paper Feed Unit (Paper Size: Letter, Legal, A4, A5, Executive Paper Weight: 16-28 lb.)
Paper Delivery
   Standard...Face-down: 200 Sheets
   Standard...Face-up: 50 Sheets
* A4/Letter at 5% coverage.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Duplex Printing
...Standard: Manual Duplex, Paper Weight: 16-36 lb.
...Optional: Automatic Duplex, Paper Weight: 16-28 lb.
   Standard...Centronics parallel port (IEEE 1284), Ethernet (RJ-45), 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, Ethernet (AUI), 10Base-5.
   Optional...Token Ring (RJ-45/DB-9)
Network Protocols...TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, SMB over TCP/IP.
Network Administration Tools
   NetSpot...Remote Device Management Software
   Fiery WebTools...WebDownloader, Status, WebLink,WebSpooler
Duty Cycle...Up to 30,000 pages per month
Weight...110 lb.approx.
   EP-83 Toner
      Black...Yield: 9,000 images
      C,M,Y...Yield: 6,000 images/each
   EP-83 Drum
      Monochrome...Yield: 28,000 images
      Full Color...Yield: 7000 images
Power Source...AC 100 - 127V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption
   Printing...1300W approx.
ENERGY STAR compliant
Operating Environment...Temperature 50-86 deg.F , Humidity 10-80% RH (no condensation)
Warranty...One-year, on-site
...Duplex Unit (DU-83)
...Paper Feed Unit (PF-83)
...Hard Disk (HD-83)
...Token Ring Board (TB-83)
...User Maintenance Transfer Kit (UM-83)
...User Maintenance Fuser Kit (UM-83K)
...EP-83 Drum Cartridge
...EP-83 Toner Cartridge (cyan)
...EP-83 Toner Cartridge (magenta)
...EP-83 Toner Cartridge (yellow)
...EP-83 Toner Cartridge (black)
...Canon CarePAK: Comprehensive Extended Service Plans (one or two-year options)





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